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REVIVAL, is a purveyor of antiquities, home furnishings, luxury gifts and the most uncommon of goods.

Proffering a curatorial selection of objects, REVIVAL reaches back to the past to move forward into the future. Indeed, crashing the ancient with the modern is an action that daily shapes REVIVAL’s design decisions.

Anchoring the south end of Chattanooga’s historic Warehouse Row along Market Street, REVIVAL fills the old brick shell with lush upholstery, lighting and textiles.

Not unlike the store’s chattel, REVIVAL STUDIO is a melange of creative people. Housed in the warehouse’s second floor lofts, REVIVAL STUDIO extends the store’s passionate design perspective to residential and commercial client design.

1110 Market Street, Number 109
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402


Monday through Friday 10 to 5 EST
Saturday 12 to 5 EST

1110 Market Street, Number 206
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402

ring 423.265.2656
send 423.265.2006